Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need advice!!

I am trying to get my thoughts together for the next few months. What I need to buy for the new baby and etc. I can't decide if I need to go ahead and get a big boy bed for Finn and move him into that, or get a crib that converts into a bed and keep him in the crib until I am good and ready to move him.  I think he will do fine either way but I am a little nervous about moving him into a big bed. I know I can put rails on it but I am afraid he will roll off during the night. Also, I love that I can put him in there and him stay and not get up and down (and I know in a big bed he will do that!!). I just don't know what to do.

Please give me some suggestions of what age and when you moved your kids to a big bed.


  1. Hey girlie,
    Um I will offer a suggestion but don't hold me to it LOL....

    I say get a baby bed that converts and let him stay in it until he is good and ready and then convert it into a big boy bed! See Kelcee was a climber so we had to put her in a little toddler bed right low to the ground before she was two and girl she loved playing the I can get out of bed game and with a new one coming you will have your hands full! Kelcee did great after a couple of weeks but still it is a big routine to get her in her now BIG GIRL Canopy bed....they have the freedom to get out and they love it....

    I would keep him in his baby bed until after the baby came and ya'll could adjust some or if you want the toddler bed do it before the baby so that you won't be so overwhelmed....

    Just a suggestion....what do I know I only have one LOL....


  2. I moved Colson into a big boy bed the summer after he turned two (so he was like 2yr 3 mo). We knew we'd be trying that fall so we went ahead and transitioned him. We are "hoping" to put LB in a big bed when we move into the new house...so we'll see. It may be a bit early but we'll try.

  3. I would get a bed that coverts. At least until you have the baby and get settled with he or she. You cant have Finn climbing out of bed and stuff while your doing stuff with the baby you know...

  4. Hey girl it's Gabrielle,
    I would move him to a big boy bed now before the new baby comes so you are not so overwhelmed and save the crib for the new baby to save money. You know what I've done with both of my kids and it worked. It's all trial and error. Being he is a boy you might want to go with a twin, because they grow out of toddler beds so soon. I went with a toddler bed for Nevaeh for space reasons...being that when our baby #3 comes...putting 2 to a room won't seem so cramped. Just put it up against one wall, get a mesh thing for the other side and put pillows down where there is a gap and I promise he will be fine. I used to get up all through the night checking on him while pregnant with Nevaeh...well being so fat...I didn't sleep anyways...but I would go in there and he would be asleep on the floor sometimes and I would just pick him up and put him back in bed. Just trial and error. Practice, practice. Keep his door shut and still use a monitor. Elijah is 2 1/2 now and just figured out how to open door so at walmart they have a door thing for the knob and we've got them. It'll all work, I promise. Some people think I start things too early with my kids, but I have had luck with that! I start before they have habit to one thing, I don't know...but I promise, it will be one less thing to worry about before angel #2 gets here. With all the room moving you have to do, this can be one thing checked off your list. Take care sweetie!

  5. I put darby in a big bed when she was 22 months...it worked out totally fine! I got the extra long extra high rail and she did great! but that is just our story!

  6. Can't offer up too much advice on this topic, but just wanted to leave a comment on how stinkin' cute your little one is...can't get over those swimming and beach pics! Too precious!