Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you ever get so overwhelmed with MESS everywhere?? I don't know if it's just Finn or what, but he will make the biggest mess in about 2 minutes{tell me your kids do this to!}. It drives me crazy!! I like to put Wells down for a nap and spend a little time on the computer downstairs, checking emails, messing on the Internet, paying bills and whatnot. I can sit down and seriously in just a few minutes look over and this is what I find!

I like to keep his toys somewhat organized and I get so tired of organizing EVERYday! I try to make him do it but he always wants me to help {wouldn't you if you had that kind of mess!}, and I like it organized and he throws it all together! 

Well, I guess I will let it slide because he doesn't feel good and he is pretty cute..

Guess I better get to cleaning!


  1. yep, our house looks just like this, too! you're not alone!!!

  2. He is pretty cute! I'd let it slide too ;) haha!
    My daughter is the exact same way!