Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Months

Wells is the sweetest little baby. She is so pleasant, happy, and an all around good baby! She will smile at anyone who talks or just looks at her! I had to take her to the Doctor on Monday because I felt lumps in her boobs. I figured it was normal but I just had to double check to make me feel better. He said that was normal and she was doing great! She weighed 16 lbs 9 oz. 

She loves to eat her cereal and I have started her on some vegetables. She loves it and I think I'm going to start her on oatmeal in the mornings. She acts like she wants to eat more real food! If she is anything like Finn she will love to eat! Ha!

She is sleeping 8 to about 5 and she wants to eat at 5. She will then sleep till about 8 or today she slept until 9! I should really start trying to get her to go back to sleep at 5,but it sure is nice to sleep until Finn wakes up at 8! She takes 3 naps a day still and LOVES her jump-a-roo! She will go crazy jumping in that thing. That girl loves to be on the move.

She also loves Finn, Sawyer, and Harper! She has been laughing so loud at Sawyer. It's the sweetest little sound, and Sawyer loves it to!

I thought when I was pregnant with Finn that I could never love something/someone as much as I loved him. Well boy was I wrong! Everyday I fall more in love with them, and I feel like my heart could explode some days!

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  1. Oh my she is getting so big! Look at her cute outfits too (I love the shirts!!) I'm so glad she is healthy and happy! Finn and Wells are just going to have a ball when she gets a little older!