Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crazy week!!

Well this has been one crazy week! Jared is jobless, we went on a cruise and got back just in time for trick-or-treating with the kids! Me being stressed is an understatement! I think I have a stomach ulcer now from stress and we don't have any insurance until next week. Please keep us in your prayers as Jared finds a new job. I know God answered my prayers {maybe not exactly the way I wanted}, and in the long run everything will work out for the best for our family. 

We decided to still go on our cruise and we had a really good time until the last night!!! We had really bad winds and the ride was VERY rough. I didn't sleep at all and I was pretty much flipping out{and praying ALL night}. Of course my cell didn't work at all so I wanted to check the weather to see what was going on, and had no way of doing this. I was stuck on a ship, in the middle of the ocean and we were rocking all over the place! I think that added to my stomach ulcer!!

This was out our "set sail" party. Let me just say this was a Budlight party cruise{compliments of Jared's previous job!} so everything was a party! Ha! It was pretty interesting to sit back and watch everyone{of ALL ages!}. There was a 82 year old woman having her a good ole time! 

This was our ship docked at Nassau, Bahamas!

This was the night we sailed out to our private island, Coco Cay. We were supposed to get a private concert from Pittbull {I had no idea who that was but I heard his song about a million times on the cruise!}.  He got rained out so we never heard him!

We had a dress-up Halloween party. All the costumes were so funny! This couple said it took them a month to make these all out of beer boxes!

We were being taken to our little private island! This was great until we got on the island and a bad rain storm came up. We had to pile on this boat to get back to our ship in VERY rough conditions. This was another time I prayed very hard to make it to our ship safely!

Here are a few pictures from Halloween! I was SOOO ready to be home with my kids!!

Here is little Huckleberry Finn!

My sweet little lady bug!

Sawyer, Finn, Harper and Wells! 

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