Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Luvin' Fall

We have been so busy the past month doing fun things with the kids! {that's why I've neglected the blog!} 

We took a little weekend trip to the mountains and had a blast! We went to Cherokee for the day and spent the evening at some families house. They fixed all kinds of great food and the kids had so much fun playing around their house, way up on a mountain! 

Finn was asleep in the stroller behind Wells!

Finn wasn't to sure about the Indians dancing! They were a little scary!!

Wells turned 10 months on the 13th of October! I missed blogging about that so I wanted to throw that in! She has started eating more solids and is doing great. It took her longer to get used to solids than it did Finn. She loves drinking out of her cup and is down to just one bottle at night. She wakes up and eats her breakfast, eats lunch, has an afternoon snack, supper, and then bottle before bed. I have started giving her some whole milk mixed with breast milk to. She just drinks it up and doesn't have any problems with it. She had her first ear infection and the antibiotic really messed up her stomach. Im so glad to be done with it. She is getting one top tooth and still has only 2 bottom teeth. She is so pleasant and the sweetest little thing. I could just bite her face it's so cute!

Finn and Sawyer has stolen all my Halloween candy! 

We went to the pumpkin patch, although we had to leave early because I didn't take any diapers! Ha! I'm the Mom who goes out with a baby and no diapers. I'm just lucky to get out the door most days! She was all smiles even though she was soaking wet!

We went to Jared's families chicken stew this past weekend. Finn had a lot of fun and didn't want to leave! 

I love this picture of Jared, Wells, and Jared's Granddad!

Wells and Nana {Jared's Mom} 

Jared has been so busy building us a barn for our chickens. We are still going to get a goat sometime. I will post some pictures of it when we get finished, it turned out so good!

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