Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 9 Months!

Wells is 9 months today! Where does the time go??? They are definitely keeping me on my toes these days! With Wells crawling around everywhere, and my little {Dennis the menace} I am crazy! 

She has had a cold and is still a happy little girl! Unless she sees you coming at her to wipe her nose, and then she will flip out on you! 

One of her new favorite games is to pull her bow/headband off! We were in Walmart last week and we spent more time searching for her bow {that she pulled off and threw down} then we did shopping! I was determined to win the battle! I wonder where they get their stubbornness from! Ha!

I am having so much fun dressing a little girl

and painting toenails {I think it is time to repaint those toenails!}

Wells is still a great sleeper! She sleeps from 8 to about 8 and naps twice a day {morning/evening}. She takes a bottle 3 times a day {morning/evening/night}. I can't WAIT to stop pumping! I will try to get her on whole milk at 11/12 months. She is drinking out of a cup pretty good. She eats 3 meals and still doesn't like puffs or anything in her mouth. I tired the yogurt bites/puffs and she gags! She doesn't like the third stage food that has any chucks in it. She will eat it if it is smooth! I will just keep trying and she will eventually get it. She is SUCH a easy going sweet little girl! I take her Thursday for her 9 month checkup.

Finn is talking so much these days. We are trying to work on potty training but it's not going very well! He can do #1 pretty good but #2 not so much! I am just taking it slow because I think he will catch on when he is ready. He basically knows the concept so he will get it. He went to his first art class yesterday and had so much fun! He made the cutest little ant playground and today I found it totally torn apart. He is a MESS but he is the sweetest little fellow!

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  1. Your children are precious..and I love their names, too!