Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am so in LOVE with my iPhone, iPad, and my iMac! I don't know why I haven't converted over to apple products before! People kept trying to tell me but I just didn't listen! 

Pinterest is one of my new fav things! Addicting and great for when I find things online that I want to remember, but I know with my brain these days I can't remember anything! Plus you find all kinds of great ideas from DIY projects to cute outfit ideas!! If you want to join I can invite you! Just send me a message! Here is an outfit I pinned!!

Over night trips to the mountains with Jared! 

and staying in this awesome place!

Can't get enough of these two...

I can't stop wearing this super cute necklace I ordered from Etsy!

I am LOVING these cute boots and can't wait to start wearing them!!

This tractor is one of the best things we have bought for Finn. It is super fast and the battery last a really long time! Finn, Harper, and Sawyer all ride on this thing all the time! If you are wanting to buy something for your kids I highly recommend this JD tractor! 

LOVING the new fall catalog from Thirty One! Go check out the catalog on my website! Check out the deals in September!!

I soo loved Harper's first dance recital! She did so good and was the youngest in the class! 

Loved spending time with Jared and Finn at the monster truck race! Even though it rained and we left early!! 

Still loving all the pictures Melissa took of our family in Jared's grandparents fields! If you are from this area she is amazing and super sweet!!

Few more pictures from my iPhone..just because!!

I am REALLY lovin' that it is almost FALL!!!! I have started buying the kids some cute {cooler weather} clothes!! Any excuse to buy clothes for anyone is awesome! 


Totally in love with all the new bows I got from Mococreations
Check out her shop and stock up for Fall!

Make sure you keep checking back for a NEW blog makeover! I am super excited to get back into the blogging world!!


  1. Can't wait to see the blog makeover!!

  2. You have such a sweet family! Your kiddies are so, so cute! I really love all apple products too. Once you go mac you never go back! Haha! Those over night trips look great! I wish we were closer to the mountains!

  3. So sweet!! Your family is so beautiful!
    I am so happy to have found your blog so we could "meet". You are lovely & I look forward to reading more from you!!